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zooki review

Ann D.


Brilliant sachets - These are amazing. Really easy to take. You get used to the taste quickly (mango and peach). I am taking for injury repair and general glow.

zooki review

Dagmr H.


Since I’ve been taking zooki (about 4/5 months) I have noticed the difference in my hair. It’s looking fuller & not falling as much, as I’m in that pre-menopause age category now.

zooki review

Carmel K.


I can see and feel the difference already in my nails, skin and hair since taking Collagen Zooki. Loving the citrus flavour to start my day.

zooki review

Davido P.


Brilliant - 100% worth trying!
Review by Janine P. on 9 Jan 2022review stating Brilliant - 100% worth trying!I love this and I’m already hooked. I can feel the difference definitely after 4 weeks of daily supplements. I’m a runner and feel like this has helped with my performance and recovery.
The taste is the best out of the three I’ve used and I personally have it straight from the pouch.
I would recommend this to others to use and will contiRead more about review stating Brilliant - 100% worth trying!nue to use it.

zooki review

Gemma D.


I love this brand. My favourite product is the Marine Collagen that I have now been taking for 6 months and I'm so impressed. My hair and skin feels so soft and my nails grow strong. I did have a break inbetween and my skin had a outbreak so I couldn't wait to get straight back on the sachets. The lime flavour tastes delicious and even tho I don'tRead more about review stating I love this brand !!! feel my energy levels have increased. I lead an active lifestyle and don't feel sluggish.

zooki review

Ellen W.


Just amazing - I’ve been taking these for well over two years now. It’s the best supplement out there for the ingredients and the company’s ethics. How I feel is more so seeing it. My skin has become so much more smoother and less spots. My complexion is radiant.

zooki review

Shani G.


Love my Zooki, great taste I mix it up by using water sometimes instead of taking it straight.

zooki review

Omeghie I.


I feel instantly energized whenever I take my zooki vitamin C. It is very tasty too. No regrets since my friend introduced this supplement to me late last year. I am thinking of trying out the hair zooki range, I hope it helps with my hair growth... Fingers crossed.

zooki review

Dagmar H


Tastes delicious & it helps with my joint pain & also my hair is looking fuller & in better condition

zooki review

Jane L.


Great results from taking Zooki Collagen. Following the menopause, my nails started breaking, my hair was dry and thinning and my eyebrows seemed to disappear. Now my nails are strong my hair has never looked healthier, thick and shiny and I actually have eyebrows again.

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