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What is Zooki®?

Zooki is all about great taste and high impact. Zooki uses natural lipids designed to shield, protect and deliver nutrients into your system. We're on a mission to make the world a healthier and happier place through great tasting nutrients that actually work.

zooki's nutritional supplements
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Recommended by 200+ health professionals

Experts who recommend zooki nutritional supplements

“ These supplements are the future…

...with powder and capsule supplements we only absorb approximately 10% of the nutrient, whereas with Zooki supplements we absorb around 95% - a huge difference!”

Dr Simmi Daryani

A cosmetic dentist and one of the UK’s top Invisalign specialist working in London 

Experts who recommend zooki nutritional supplements

"A groundbreaking collagen supplement…"

…for anyone looking to maintain or restore young looking hydrated skin and a healthy body. I now recommend it to every single one of my patients, especially if they are over 25. My advice is to incorporate Zooki in your morning daily routine: take 1 sachet per day, straight out of the fridge on an empty stomach - your skin will thank you.

Dr Nina

multi award winning celebrity aesthetician as seen on Body Fixers and ITV This Morning

Step 1

We take natural lipids, the same things that surround your cells

Step 2

We use them to shield, protect and deliver nutrients into your system

Step 3

After absorption, the lipids are used by the body to make new cells

Lipo-shield™ emulsification 

Zooki Awards
Multi-award winning

We've also featured in Forbes, GQ, ELLE, The Times and many more along the way.

Stocked worldwide

Sold in over 33 countries worldwide. The King’s Pharmacist is also a big Zooki fan, so you’ll find us in John Bell & Croyden too!

Best Selling Zooki Nutritional Supplements Worldwide
zooki supports carbon reduction

Covering our tracks

We're working to tread lightly as we grow as a business. That's why all of our products, including Vitamin C Zooki, are carbon negative

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